Where to invest and do business? Let’s take a look to data!

According to Boston Consulting Group reports (based on World Economic Outlook April 2015, IMF) only 20 economies represent the 85% of the global growth between 2014 and 2016. The reports aim to “inspire” who is thinking about traditional and emerging markets to invest and expand business. Let’s take a look to three pictures.

Helyos Partners strongly recommend to consider the Philippines as a target for real estate investments and business development.

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For who’s interested the whole reports, here is the link BGC Perspectives – Think You Need an Emerging-Markets Strategy? Think Again

Percentage is to refer to the global GDP growth
Philippines is the absolute third in terms of GDP growth (following only India and China)



One thought on “Where to invest and do business? Let’s take a look to data!

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    Dove investire e fare affari? Diamo un’occhiata ai dati!
    Secondo alcuni rapporti della prestigiosa Boston Consulting (su dati ufficiali del Fondo Monetario Internazionale, rapporto di Aprile 2015), solo 20 economie sostengono/sosterranno l’85% della crescita economica del pianeta fra il 2014 e il 2016. I reports vogliono ispirare chi cerca di capire dove è meglio investire e fare affari. Helyos Partners raccomanda fortemente le Filippine come obiettivo per investimenti immobiliari e per sviluppare business nuovo o esistente. Segui http://www.helyospartners.com o scrivi a helyospartners@gmail.com per maggiori informazioni.


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