Good news for Investors!

Helyos Partners want to say “thank you!” to all the Investors who chose to accept our proposal with a very interesting update about SMDC Jazz Residences in Makaty City (Metro Manila).

In terms of market value of the residential units, Investors who bought apartments there with our support, thanks to market dynamics and to the relevant discount at the moment of the purchase, the units rose at least 25% (up to 35%) after only six months (our proposal was launched last October 2015 also with a financial profile only).

Furthermore, Investors who chose to accept out landlord representation and leasing service, we are pleased to communicate that the annual net rental yield, after the first four months operating, was 7%, up to higher in some specific situations, and monthly payment of the net result to Investors.

Please ask to for any information and to come to know new investment opportunities in the Philippines. We can communicate in english, tagalog and italian.


A concrete and current example of real estate investment offered by Helyos Partners.

JAZZ Residences, Bel Air, Makati City, Metro Manila, Philippines.

The complex is located in the center of the main business financial district of the Philippine capital, one of the largest after Hong Kong and Singapore in Southeast Asia, and at walking distance from the major entertainment and leisure areas of the city (Green Belt, Burgos Street).

The units have all the amenities (pool, gym, reception like in a hotel, service and maintenance, including a shopping mall on the ground floor, with restaurants, supermarket and various services).

The location and characteristics of the units are such as to make it quite easy to rent, in a rather lively market thanks to the growing presence of foreign businessmen as well as tourists visiting the city and the country (they usually fly here before moving to the wonderful local destinations).

Developer: SMDC (one of the leading developers and costructors of the Philippines, quoted on the stock exchange, whose parent company SM owns the largest retail chains in the country and Banco de Oro, one of the largest and most important national banks).

Apartment No. B044020, one bedroom with balcony, living room with kitchen, bathroom, about 27 square meters.

Price 76.492.98 USD (exchange with Philippine Peso at 19 February 2016).

Advance 5% 3824.65 USD (change with Philippine Peso at 19 February 2016).

Fixed service fee 550,00 USD (exchange with Philippine Peso at 19 February 2016).

With a down payment of 5% you immediately became owner of the property and you will get the keys; further 15% down payment is to be paid in 22 monthly installments of 521.54 USD (exchange with Philippine Peso at 19 February 2016) at zero interests.

In this specific case, no facility is scheduled for full cash payment of the apartment price. Thus, an investor that for example wishes to pay the full amount may consider to buy up to 20 units, investing a total of about USD 80,000.00.

At the end of the amortization period of the DP, it is possible to pay cash or finance with bank mortgage for foreigners the price of the units, or resale them with a full service by Helyos Partners (including warranty options).

Helyos Partners offers to its customers the following unique benefits:

Management of the building to be made income (rent).
Management of the building was resold at a profit by the end of the amortization period of the advance.
For customers who wish to limit any risk, we offer the monthly amortization coverage guarantee and the payment at maturity of the amortization period of 200% of the money paid.

In the current offer just presented, we offer contractually a refund of 7.649,30 USD (exchange with Philippine Peso at February 19, 2016) against the investment amount of 3.824,65 USD (change with Philippine Peso at 19 February 2016).

Investors can apply to invest for a higher number of units within the same project JAZZ Residences (up to sold-out), as well as on other projects and developers to be quoted separately.

Helyos Partners is selecting in Southeast Asia, and especially in the Philippines, very interesting projects at a minimal risk, suitable both for those who want to invest small amounts in real estate as well as professional or private investors currently investing in real estate abroad.

For any information, you can write and contact Helyos Partners mailing to (partners on site).

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