About us

Our vision, our mission, our job.

Helyos was the God of Sun for the ancient Greeks. He was never stopping moving to bring the light all around the world. Everybody could be sure that after the dark night a new shiny day would have always come. We too never stop moving forward, improving ourselves daily, embracing new technologies and new business lines on our way to new challenging targets and remarkable achievements. This is our vision.

We aim to add a real value to Investors, Partners and Clients with an effective and goal oriented, fully serviced activity of asset management and business development. Our core business is the real estate investment, property & facility management and yields generation from properties. Our subsidiaries operate in the information technology, wellness and trade. This is our mission.

We scout and find out the best real estate investment and business opportunities. We directly invest and operate a comprehensive, sometimes complex set of related services. We aim to make sure that our Partners and Investors are satisfied about their choice achieving pre-set expected results, and to give to our Clients an excellent customer experience. This is our job.

Helyos Partners, Helyos Hospitality, Helyos Massage & SPA are business names of Helyos Corporation, HPGF Enterprises, Helyos Heath & Wellness Inc. and Helyos Tech Inc. We are based in Makati City, Metropolitan Manila, the main business district in the Philippines.


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