Our Services

Real Estate Investment & Landlord Representation

We find out specific project we believe in. We invest in it on our own, before we propose to investors to join, and we look for existing owners who need someone to take care of their property. We compose a minimum dimension of the business in order to start up our organization on site.

Serviced Short Term Rentals & Long Term Lease Management

We give priority to ready for occupancy residential projects, in order to start up right away to generate rental yields operating in daily and short term serviced rentals as well as in medium and long term accommodations for individuals and corporate Clients.

Travel & Hospitality Services

We provide to our Guests and Tenants a wide range of services other than rental, currently developing additional travel & tours options, aiming to make their experience memorable.

Business Development

Our Partners, Investors and Clients are often businessmen. We cooperate with them in order to develop business together or helping them to do it.