Property “After Sales” Services


You will be given the free hand to personalize your future living spaces with the help of world class home styling experts. Just tell us what you have in mind and we will help you build your dream designs ranging from Filipino to Spanish and Italian style.


You will be given a customised offer in order to make real the style you choose, with a high range of prices directly from producer’s factory from the Philippines, Italy and Spain.


This is a special hassle-free service that takes care of selecting and negotiating bank finance options in behalf of the client as well as refurbishment of living spaces in preparation for leasing or resale of the property. When you decided to lease or sell your condo living space, Leasing and Resale Management group will make sure you get the best deal out of it.

Helyos partners offer to Clients special options such as:

Leasing management options:

  1. A fixed monthly amount will be paid from Helyos Partners to the Client to cover monthly amortization and association dues. If there’s no monthly amortization to pay, the monthly amount will be paid to the Client and will represent a monthly income from property lease.
  2. No fixed monthly amount; every month Helyos Partners and the Client will share any amount from property lease.

Resale management options :

  1. Buy back option: Helyos Partners will pay to the Client a fixed amount at a certain date.
  2. Resale profit’s share: Helyos Partners and Client will share any amount from unit’s resale, any time the resale transaction will be closed.