World economies in 2050

According to a recent PWC report, based on IMF data and in-house projections, World power is going to change.

Any business development plan shall consider this trend.

China & India will overtake USA. Europe will consistently lose weight.

Emerging Economies E7 will double G7 Economies. Philippines is expected to be among the best three emerging markets.

Helyos Partners is based and operates in the “heart” of new emerging markets, Metro Manila, Philippines. Contact us for information and partnerships.







Helyos way to work on Real Estate Investment

International Real Estate Investment & Landlord Representation

We find out specific projects we believe in. We invest in it on our own, before we propose to investors to join, and we look for existing owners who need someone to take care of their property. We compose a minimum dimension of the business in order to start up our organization on site.

Serviced Short Term Rentals & Long Term Lease Management

We give priority to ready for occupancy residential projects, in order to start up right away to generate rental yields operating in daily and short term serviced rentals as well as in medium and long term accommodations for individuals and corporate Clients.

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Helyos Parters: our vision, our mission, our job.

Helyos was the God of Sun for the ancient Greeks.

We move every day experiences and real transactions from east, where the sun rises, to west, where the sun sets, and vice versa… To start again, every day, a new successful time operating our business. This is our vision.

We aim to add a real value to Investors, Partners and Clients with an effective and goal oriented activity of advisory and management.

Our core businesses are real estate investment, property assets management and yields generation from properties. This is our mission.

After twenty years in the real estate and financial services industries in Asia and Europe, the founding Partners established their business in Metro Manila, Philippines, in 2015.

We find out the best real estate investments and we directly operate a comprehensive set of related services. We aim to make sure that our Partners and Investors are satisfied about their choice and that they achieve pre-set expected results, and to give to our Clients an excellent customer experience. This is our job.

Helyos Partners and Helyos Hospitality are business names of HPGF Enterprises.

Our administrative office is in Taguig City, marketing and operations are located in Makati City and a satellite representation office is in Rome Area, Italy.

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Filippine: prosegue il percorso di apertura alla proprietà maggioritaria da parte di stranieri investitori 

Come annunciato durante la campagna elettorale e confermato durante i primi mesi del suo mandato, il nuovo presidente delle Filippine Rodrigo Duterte prosegue il percorso di apertura alla proprietà di beni e business nelle Filippine, un Paese in forte sviluppo  (miglior performance di crescita nel sud est asiatico, meglio della Cina, nel terzo trimestre 2016). Il percorso in itinere prevede in particolare la rimozione del limite del 40% alla proprietà straniera, consentendo di fatto agli investitori di detenere la maggioranza delle quote societarie e, di riflesso, il controllo reale del loro business. 

Imprenditori e inventori interessati possono trovare in Helyos Partners un riferimento serio e indipendente per valutare le opportunità di sviluppo e investimento nell’area. 

Per informazioni scrivete a  (partner italiano residente) o +639175980833 anche via whatsapp o viber.


Photo by Helyos Partners. From one of the 7,107 Filipino Islands. 

Photo by Helyos Partners. Makati Central Business District skyline from Jazz Residences, Bel Air, Makati City.

Very positive report about the Philippines from IMF Executive Board on October 2016

On September 14, 2016, the Executive Board of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) concluded the Article IV consultation with the Philippines.

The Philippine economy has continued to perform strongly. Real GDP regained strength from a slowdown in mid­2015 to record a robust 5.9 percent growth rate in 2015 and 6.9 percent in the first half of 2016. Both consumption and investment grew rapidly, while net exports were held back by weak external demand. Job creation was also strong, with the unemployment rate declining to 6.3 percent in 2015 and 6.0 percent in the first half of 2016. Inflation has remained moderate, falling below the BSP’s target band (3±1 percent) in 2015 and the first seven months of 2016 due to lower commodity prices. The external and fiscal position remained robust in 2015, with a current account surplus of 2.9 percent of GDP, gross international reserves of US$81 billion (or 11 months of imports of goods and services), a national government fiscal deficit of 1.4 percent of GDP, and general government debt at 35 percent of GDP.

IMF Executive Board about the Philippines October 2016

Il vostro prossimo viaggio d’affari? Nelle Filippine: ecco perché.

Con le sue promettenti prospettive economiche, non c’è probabilmente mai stato un tempo migliore per sviluppare affari nelle Filippine.

L’evoluzione continua dell’integrazione economica tra i diversi Paesi del Sud Est Asiatico (ASEAN, qualcosa di simile alla prima fase del Mercato Comune Europeo) rende particolarmente interessante guardare alle Filippine sotto diversi punti di vista:

  • un mercato di sbocco commerciale (oltre centro milioni di consumatori il cui reddito cresce costantemente e regolarmente da anni)
  • una base logistica ed operativa per produrre ed esportare nell’area ed ovunque nel mondo (sono ben consolidate alcune aree speciali con incentivi fiscali molto attraenti)
  • un centro servizi in outsourcing, che si sta affermando come tra i migliori al mondo per il servizio clienti in lingua inglese  (i nostri call center, qui chiamati BPO, costituiscono una delle principali basi del prodotto interno lordo nazionale).
  • un luogo dove investire in immobili, con convincenti prospettive di crescita del valore e di reddito anche nel breve periodo, a condizioni interessanti ed accessibili (la proprietà privata perpetua e piena, come siamo abituati a pensarla, è assolutamente garantita a cittadini e società stranieri per appartamenti e uffici).

Helyos Partners, basata nella capitale e maggiore metropoli filippina Manila, è una finestra professionale e indipendente sulle opportunità di investimento e business nel Sud Est Asiatico, in particolare nelle Filippine.

Per informazioni scrivete a o chiamate/scrivete su Whatsapp/Viber (partner italiano), al numero +639175980833

How much can you earn from a real estate investment?


We would like to talk about an interesting argument for who is looking at the real estate as an investment, expecting to earn in a short term, not only an increase of the value of the property; nowadays we can often find this kind of approach to the real estate market even to small investors.

We will talk about a residential property, a metropolitan apartment ready for occupancy, which is in our opinion a typical target for those who approach the real estate market with the purpose to gain rental yields starting quite immediately after the sale.

You could be surprised but the return on the investment is not too much related to how much you like the property or an attractive price.

Let’s try to be rational and effective. If the property is well located, enough to be able to generate interesting rentals, and the price suits our budget, we need to understand what are the basic information to acquire in order to be able to evaluate if the investment is interesting or not. We should do it before going on with every other further activity and details, once we are already convinced that it could be a good deal because we can earn.

As usual, the best thing to do is the simplest one: to calculate the ROI (Return on Investment).

We need a few reliable information in order to make sure the result will be trusted as well.

Annual rentals (our gross income); such as 12.000,00 USD or any different currency

Annual expenses (our costs: association fees, utilities, taxes on rentals and property, installments if any); such as 9.000,00

Total investment amount (how much to pay to buy the property, all included, the agent’s commission, furniture and any renovation to let the unit be ready to rent it out); such as 100.000,00

Let’s calculate our ROI.

Annual rentals – Annual expenses = Annual net income; such as  12.000,00 – 9.000,00 = 3.000,00

Annual net income : Total investment amount = ROI (X 100 in order to visualize a percentage); our example is 3%.

If 3% is ok for you, it’s time to go on and deepen. A professional property officer can assist you for sure.

A 3% ROI mean that you can expect to earn 3.000,00 net, in one year now, investing your 100.000,00 in a property.