Helyos Parters: our vision, our mission, our job.

Helyos was the God of Sun for the ancient Greeks.

We move every day experiences and real transactions from east, where the sun rises, to west, where the sun sets, and vice versa… To start again, every day, a new successful time operating our business. This is our vision.

We aim to add a real value to Investors, Partners and Clients with an effective and goal oriented activity of advisory and management.

Our core businesses are real estate investment, property assets management and yields generation from properties. This is our mission.

After twenty years in the real estate and financial services industries in Asia and Europe, the founding Partners established their business in Metro Manila, Philippines, in 2015.

We find out the best real estate investments and we directly operate a comprehensive set of related services. We aim to make sure that our Partners and Investors are satisfied about their choice and that they achieve pre-set expected results, and to give to our Clients an excellent customer experience. This is our job.

Helyos Partners and Helyos Hospitality are business names of HPGF Enterprises.

Our administrative office is in Taguig City, marketing and operations are located in Makati City and a satellite representation office is in Rome Area, Italy.

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Helyos Hospitaly starts up operations in Mandaluyong City

After a successful 2016 at Jazz Residences in Makati City, Helyos Partners starts up its hospitality business at Light Residences in Mandaluyong City, covering a larger area within Metro Manila and better meeting the needs of its corporate clients.

Medium term, serviced residential accommodations for a foreign corporation is the first milestone in this new location. 

At the same time Helyos is further developing its operations at Jazz Residences in Makati, planning to increase 50% the number of residential apartments managed on site and offering new services during 2017.

Some news will follow very soon!

Happy new year to all our Guests, Clients and Partners!

Mail to helyoshospitality@gmail.com for any information about our services!

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